Washington DC School - the bridge from Phnom Penh to the World

Our Vision of the Future

We seek to nurture and grow our school in partnership with parents, students and teachers and firmly root it in the local community. While we are proud of our international links, and partnerships with many American institutions and educators, we strive to be first and foremost embedded in the community of Phnom Penh and Khmer culture. We want our students, and their families to feel they are both global citizens and Cambodians. We want every student who joins us to be proud of both their Khmer heritage, and have the skills and courage they need to be successful anywhere in the world.

Our Goals

1. To grow sustainably and organically while not compromising on quality or our core mission.

2. To deepen and strengthen our existing links with the community, and create new ones.

3. To continue to develop our curriculum in partnership with parents and students.

4. To create a new paradigm of International schooling in Cambodia, and be part of raising the quality of education nation-wide.


  International Cooperation and Partnership