We at WASHINGTON DC SCHOOL welcome parents and visitors to our unique school. We use standard American curriculum and have a study abroad program that enables students to continue their education at an American college or university. Our accredited school offers nursery one and two, kindergarten one and two, and grades one through twelve.

Students at our school learn to be emotionally strong children with good manners, and values. They learn how to work independently, work in groups and acquire good communication skills which create future leaders. Our aim is to prepare students to lead in an international community.    

As an American living abroad and working in international education for nearly seventeen-years, I know how competitive the education system is in the age of globalization. My last overseas appointment in China was at the best university for educating teachers in the country. At normal university my graduate students were highly intelligent and diligent. 

Our purpose at (WDCS) is to raise competitive students with positive qualities. Our local and international students must be able to compete at an international level.  As John F. Kennedy said, “The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.”


  International Cooperation and Partnership