We envision new heights of achievement for the individual learners and everything within his/her reach and power to influence: family, community, the world.

It is our endeavor to enhance a broader, international educational experience and to develop informed, socially and environmentally responsible global citizens, we are committed to the following guidelines:

  • Providing your children with a cultured environment that will promotes the highest possible of International English and Khmer education standards for students.
  • We’ll be sharing physical environments that are conducive to high quality teaching and learning.
  • In fostering cooperation with students, parents, and community in the pursuit of the best educational standards competitive in Cambodia and on a global level, also.
  • We’re indorsing 21st-century skills, knowledge, and attitudes for students that are necessary for life-long learning.
  • Inspiring real boldness, so students learns how to encourages, a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, sponsoring a positive self-image and a growing desire for independent learning.
  • We are undertaking the responsibility of producing students equipped with high moral character, personal discipline, vocational efficiency, with ideas of duties of local and global citizenship, Appreciation of the Arts, and a love for their home nation as well as for world, and nature.