We begin with a Core Khmer/International Curriculum that prepares your child for mainstream education. We cover the core courses in a nurturing environment defined by small classes, personal attention, and motivated teachers. Students who continue on to high school with us will complete an American curriculum leading to an internationally recognized American High School Diploma.

Our Enhanced Curriculum (EC) works with our Core Curriculum (CC) to enrich each student’s education experience and individualize it according to individual  interests, abilities, and their natural inclinations. Students are gradually exposed to a wide range of diverse topics and experiences. During this period they will evaluate what is of interest to them and we will further develop these natural areas of interest and relate this to their core education development. The result is a highly motivated, well-adjusted student who has had the opportunity to explore and define their interests and abilities through experiences.

Just imagine enjoying your education as much as you benefit from it. That’s WDC.