Every school will tell you that your child is special. That is certainly true. However, at WDC we recognize your child is not only special, but also unique.

Parents know that not all children walk at the same age. Or talk at the same age. Or grow at the same rate. Every child is unique – an individual. At WDC we incorporate this into our curriculum. We have a core curriculum that all students must cover but on top of that we overlay what we call an Enhanced Curriculum (EC) that is customized for each student. This personalized EC allows students to develop their own unique interests at their own pace. We feel that in education, “one size does NOT fit all”.

At WDC School your child will explore a diverse range of topics through activities that allow us to determine particular areas of personal interest and aptitude. This is our EC. These first steps are essential in helping a student define their future education and career goals through actual experience. They will begin to make decisions that affect the rest of their lives based ontheir personal experiences during their early formative years. Many leave this to later years when it is too late and students have already developed past their most formative period. At WDC we begin this at the prime time in your child’s development.