Founded to educate the whole Child – spirit, mind and body – Washington DC School promises a thorough education in that context. WDCS continues to redefine what it means to be a leading International School by embracing a globalized format in Cambodia.

WASHINGTON D.C.SCHOOL, International School’s curriculum is unique and innovative. Piece by piece, our academic team has created a curricular program that focuses on global competence and 21st century skills.

WASHINGTON D.C.SCHOOL curriculum enables the development of the whole child on every level (the Mind , Body, and Spirit) of education from preschool until graduation from High School. We’re encouraging students to meet challenges creatively, by collaborating, and applying critical thinking skills to real, (along with dealing with) unpredictable situations, inside and outside of the classroom, we preparing them for future college, career, and global citizenship success.

Our curriculum actively promotes “Recognizing Perspectives” and “Communicating Ideas”. For that reason, WASHINGTON D.C.SCHOOL’s students learn how to identify an issue, generate a question, explain its significance before translating their ideas and findings into appropriate actions to improve conditions.

As its starting point, WASHINGTON D.C.SCHOOL’S curriculum seeks to prepare a generation of potential world-changers.