Two Tracks, One Excellent

Parents of primary school students can choose between two programs in which to enroll their children. Our USA Curriculum Program and our Cambodia Curriculum Program both offer the excellence and opportunities that come standard with a Washington D.C.School education while giving you the flexibility to choose the right track for your child.


USA Curriculum Primary School Program

All classes in our USA-accredited curriculum are taught 100 percent in English by native English-speaking teachers, giving your child the total-submersion environment best suited for learning and perfecting English as a foreign language. We keep our class sizes small to allow students more one-on-one learning time with the instructor. The program is taught in conjunction with an accredited American primary education institution in the USA.
Students learn at a high standard of education with the support and insight of certified, professional teachers. This is a full-time course that caters to grades one through eight.


Cambodia Curriculum Primary School

WASHINGTON DC School also offers Cambodian Curriculum primary school, featuring our standard small class sizes and individual attention. All classes are taught in Khmer using standardized Cambodian curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.
Regardless of the track you choose, your child will always be able to take advantage of WDCS school’s outside learning experiences, including:

  • weekend group swimming lessons, free of charge
  • Basic skills development
  • Big ideas as background themes
  • Learning to work together
  • Growing in confidence
  • Communicating clearly
  • Introduction and exploration of the Habits of Mind